Fudge in a jar - a mixture of fun flavours.


Including (Flavours subject to change without notice):

Jelly Bean

Jammy Wagon Wheel


Vanilla & Chocolate

Salted Caramel

Cookie Dough


Fudge is naturally Gluten-free & suitable for vegetarians, however, some of the flavours have Gluten or gelatine ingredients. The good news is, we can tailor the jar so it only contains Gluten Free flavour and or flavours suitable for vegetarians.


Customisable options available at no extra charge:


Rainbow ribbon tied around the collar of the jar to add some colour & spark for a special occasion


Label the jar with a short message such as "Happy Birthday Jack" or "Hannah's Sweets"

Alternatively, for wedding favours or corporate gifts, you can customise with a small picture or logo as well as a short message.


The Jar has a 1L capacity and is filled with approx 570g of various flavoured fudge.


Allergen Ingredients include: Soya, Milk, may contain nuts. Some flavours include Gluten so select Gluten Free option if required.

Sweet Shop - Fudge Jar - Gluten Free Available